Raised to date of the $5,000,000 goal.
Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $300.00

Pray For Me is an independently produced psychological faith-based thriller. We aim to capitalize on the massive return on investment opportunity for low-budget films in the horror genre. The movie is filmed and ready to hit theatres and streaming services worldwide.

Offering at a Glance:
Pray For Me Movie
The Team
G. Scott Paterson
Producer, Pray For Me
G. Scott Paterson is a well-known investor in technology and media. Mr. Paterson was a Top 40 Under 40, has been a TedTalk speaker, was..
Damian Lee
Writer/Director, Pray For Me
Damian Lee has had an illustrious career in Hollywood that spans over 30 years. Hes written, directed, and produced over 50 feature fil..
About the Team:
These two industry professionals joined forces to create the exciting new movie Pray For Me. Scott and Damian worked together on everything from the script to production, to post-production. They are extremely excited about the opportunity Pray For Me represents.
Usually, when individual investors invest in a film, it’s to turn a script into a movie. There are a ton of upfront capital costs and risks associated with this, as production can run over budget, and in the end, no one knows what something is going to look like until it’s actually made. In the case of Pray For Me, we’ve already made the film. We know that it looks great. Investors now have the chance to invest in something that’s already tangible and made...something that before this offering, was only reserved for Hollywood’s big distributors.
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