Raised to date of the $5,000,000 goal.
Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $250

Beaver Gold aims to explore world-class gold deposits in secure domestic regions.

Offering at a Glance:
Beaver Gold Mining Properties
The Team
Sean Zubick
Non-Executive Chairman
Founded Palisade Global Investments in 2013 acquiring natural resource assets while privately financing a re-rating across the portfoli..
Dr. Scott Jobin-Bevans, PhD, P.Geo
CEO, Chief Geologist & Director
Dr. Jobin-Bevans has been involved in the mineral exploration sector since 1988 with more than 25 years in worldwide mineral exploratio..
Bill Hunter
William Hunter is an Industrial and Renewable Materials Private Equity and C-Suite professional helping to transition companies in an E..
Robin Ross
Independent Director
Robin Ross is a 45-year veteran in financial services and merchant banking.  His corporate finance activities have covered a wide ..
About the Team:
Our team has been involved in the mineral exploration sector for over 34 years and have strong knowledge and connections in the region we operate in. With a long track record of raising capital and experience in the sector, Beaver Gold has formed an experienced team.The combination of these individu . . . . .
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The Brady project is surrounded by major mining companies such as Newfound Gold Newfound Gold (1B market cap), Marathon Gold (600M market cap)  and Anaconda Mining (100M market cap). With an estimate of 170,000 ounces of gold and a history of known gold in the area, the Brady project has the potential to be a world-class discovery.

$15,000 a month and will scale up based on budget.

Yes, a very successful one. Our team has raised hundreds of millions of dollars combined while our Non-Executive Chairman has raised over $250 million alone.

We are the precious metal exploration company with a presence in Canada and we will take advantage of that by leveraging on our culture, network and property pipeline in order to get the best commercial terms that allows us to position the company at an advantageous position towards discovering the next mine in Canada.


Our pipeline is formed by properties that have not been exposed to the public markets and all have been underexplored and mismanaged.

  • Establish solid drilling targets by Q4 2022 and commence drilling at the Brady Property.

  • To make a discovery in the properties of a wider type of mineralization such as stockworks that allows bulk mining.

  • To establish drilling targets at the Foisey Property

  • Make a large acquisition to add to the existing portfolio

Newfound Gold (1B market cap), Marathon Gold (600M market cap)  and Anaconda Mining (100M market cap).

No, just people that represent institutions and institutional investment.

We are targeting a 3-5X return from this current round’s valuation.

Exploration success on new drill targets and drilling results. Additionally, we plan to make a large acquisition to add to the existing portfolio.
The plan is to take the Beaver Gold public within the next 24 months and continue to expand its exploration targets and property acquisition.
Term Sheets
Financial Discussion
Market Landscape
Risks & Disclosures
Risks Related to the Company’s Business and Industry To date, we have not generated revenue, do not foresee generating any revenue in the near future and therefore rely on external financing.We are a startup Company and our business model currently focuses specifically on preparing for the marketing and distribution of the film Pray For Me. While we intend to generate revenue in the future, we cannot assure you when or if we will be able t . . . . .
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