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The Power of Hemptown

Hemptown Naturals aims to deliver the highest quality and innovative hemp-derived cannabinoid products under a California, west coast lifestyle brand.

Offering at a Glance:
Hemptown Farm
The Team
Eric Gripentrog
Eric has worked in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry for 27 years. He worked for the Kellogg Company for 25 years in several differe..
Zayn Kalyan
Zayn Kalyan is an experienced manager and business development executive. He has served in upper management and on the boards of two pu..
About the Team:
Hemptown Naturals team has extensive experience in the hemp industry and has built a reputation for producing a very high-quality wholesale product and is strategically positioned to deliver this product directly to the consumer. Management has a diverse skill set, including consumer packaged goods, . . . . .
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HT Naturals Inc.’s (the “Company” or “Hemptown Naturals”) products include cannabigerol (GBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) found within non-psychoactive hemp, which contains no more than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis.

With the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp was legalized in all 50 states.

The market for hemp and cannabinoids beyond THC is substantial. A significant portion of the market desires the potential health benefits of traditional cannabis, without the psychoactive effects. 

By 2025, Nielson expects the smokable-hemp market to reach $300 million to $400 million, representing roughly 1-2% of the potential $17 billion hemp-derived CBD consumer products category. Hemptown Naturals goal is to provide an alternative to, and compete in, the $17 billion tobacco industry.

With an aging population and growing scientific evidence as to the efficacy of cannabinoids in treating several ailments, the opportunity is massive.

HT Naturals Inc. was created as a high-growth company, focused on building a strong brand and growing sales of the Company’s premium line of industrial hemp smokable products, including innovative terpene-infused hemp cigarettes which have been licensed from Hemptown USA.

HT Naturals Inc. is a subsidiary of a large-scale cultivator and processor of CBG and CBD, known as Hemptown USA (the “parentco”). The parentco’s operations are located in Oregon State, home to superior growing conditions, established infrastructure, knowledgeable farmers, and local governments that are favorable to the economic benefits of hemp production. 

Through a licensing agreement signed with Hemptown USA in late 2020, HT Naturals Inc was licensed to use the Hemptown Naturals brand and purchase premium hemp from Hemptown USA. 

Hemptown Naturals pre-rolled products are processed at a third-party facility in California, while the CBG/CBD flower products are processed and packaged at a Hemptown USA facility in Oregon.

Through the licensing agreement with Hemptown USA, providing immediate access to premium quality flower, and a pre-existing relationship with a third-party processer for pre-rolled hemp cigarettes in California, Hemptown Naturals has a well-established supply chain that will allow the Company to meet rapidly increasing demand.

Furthermore, CEO Eric Gripentrog, who is also CEO of the parent-co, has deep-rooted knowledge and experience strengthening supply chains, through his former role with a Fortune 500 company. 

In order to grow sales, the Company intends on growing its customer base through online marketing campaigns, including engaging influencers through affiliate programs. 

Sales will be made through the Company’s e-commerce platform at hemptownusa.com

The Hemptown Naturals brand includes a full lineup of premium smokable flower in multiple strains, including:

-Hemp pre-rolls

-Hemp Stix (hemp cigarettes)

The above smokable products contain only industrial hemp, rich in CBD and CBG, and less than 0.3% THC. There is no nicotine or tobacco in Hemptown Naturals’ products. The Company is also launching a super-premium line of smokable hemp flower, with five strains including:

-Super Sour Space Candy

-Sour Special Sauce

-Sour Lifter

All products can be ordered off the Company’s website and delivered directly to consumers.

Currently, the Company has plenty of work to do and market share to gain domestically, however, if the right opportunity is presented the company is open to international expansion.

The company plans to pursue an aggressive growth strategy, maximizing shareholder value through marketing products to potential customers, growing revenue, and maximizing profit.

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RISK FACTORS Risks Related to the Company’s Business and Industry To date, we have not generated revenue, do not foresee generating any revenue in the near future and therefore rely on external financing.We are a startup Company and our business model currently focuses on [fill in focus and cash requirements] rather than generating revenue. While we intend to generate revenue in the future, we cannot assure you when or if we will be a . . . . .
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