Raised to date of the $10,000 goal.
Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $250

It’s Safe To Answer Your Phone Again.

Fyncom's flagship product, KarmaCall, has a mission to end spam calls and create environments where consumers are paid for their data. The KarmaCall mobile app, available now on Google Play, was developed by FynCom as an initial demonstration of its patented payments technology.

Offering at a Glance:
Products and Services
Fyncom's Mission
The Team
Adrian Espinoza Garcia, Ph.D.
SpamCash inventor. Full-stack blockchain developer with 10 years experience in FinTech. He led 3 lifestyle solo ventures while completi..
Christian Rodriguez
Lead Engineer
Accomplished technical professional and entrepreneur with a wide array of skills. Certified as a full-stack software developer and proj..
Nico Torteli
Chief Revenue Officer
Founded and exited 3 FinTech and telecom startups in Brazil. Nico has been innovating in the mobile payments space before the iPhone o..
Jason Civalleri, J.D., M.B.A.
Legal Advisor
Jason is a CIPP-US/CIPM-designated attorney at Horizons Law & Consulting. He co-founded 2 blockchain startups and is an adjunct pro..
Vijay Jain, MTech, C.S.E
Technical Development Advisor
Technical development advisor - He is an SDE 2 at A9, the company that develops the search and advertising algorithms for Amazon. He sp..
Peter J Gluck, J.D., M.I.P.
IP Strategy Advisor
Peter drafted IP for 3 major exits at TNDM ($120M), Mindframe/Cov. ($75M), and VMware/Integrien ($100M). He managed a fast successful t..
Dan Jenkins
Sales/Marketing Advisor
Dan has guided us from the beginning and points us in the direction of opportunity. He brings 38 years of experience as a tech. exec. i..
About the Team:
We are digital cash futurists & emerging experts in using refundable nanopayments to positively influence behavior. Founded in September 2019, our team is passionate about creating business models where Consumers can control and monetize their data. The founders and advisors have experience with bu . . . . .
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FynCom is focused on getting you paid every time your data is sold or used. Stopping spam calls is just an added bonus!

Money is moved through KarmaCall using Nano, a digital cryptocurrency. You can spend Nano directly online, buy gift cards, or cash out through exchanges like Binance.us and Kraken.

The application can always be temporarily turned off with a simple switch on the main screen. Alternatively, we will be using machine learning to detect which callers are good, and which ones just want to steal your data.

Not at all. Our platform only looks at the numbers that are not on your contact list. We will be expanding this to include a bypass list in the future.

Nope! That's the beauty of blockchain technology. We just need your phone number to give you a Nano wallet. Transfer or spend your funds at any time.

Our mission is to get you paid for your data. We will never sell your personal information without your permission. We believe that shared prosperity will create a future where everyone will benefit from the value of their data.

Due to Apple’s security protocols, another layer of software is required. We will be using the funds collected to purchase this software and create KarmaCall for iPhone.

Not yet! But that is on our product roadmap.

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RISK FACTORSGeneralThe Company will be taking advantage of temporary rules that relax some of the requirementsfor a crowdfund offering.In March 2020, the SEC passed a Temporary Final Rule intended to assist small businesses withcapital raising in the Regulation Crowdfunding market due to the COVID-19 pandemic andrelaxed or modified some rules for offerings initiated through February 28, 2021 (as extended inAugust 2020.). This offering is taking a . . . . .
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KarmaCall iOS coming Summer 2021!

Apr 21, 2021
KarmaCall iOS coming Soon!Happy to say that we are beginning work on KarmaCall iOS! We're working with a wonderful team of 5..

Nico Torteli Joins Our Team As The Chief Financial Officer!

Mar 26, 2021
Paggo, a Brazilian startup focused on mobile money payments. Competing with legends like M-Pesa and NTT Docomo. Imagine yourself making a mo..