It’s Safe To Answer Your Phone Again.

Fyncom's flagship product, KarmaCall, has a mission to end spam calls and create environments where consumers are paid for their data. The KarmaCall mobile app, available now on Google Play, was developed by FynCom as an initial demonstration of its patented payments technology.


Raised to date of the $100,000 goal.
Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $250

Offering at a Glance:
Products and Services
Fyncom's Mission
The Team
Adrian Espinoza Garcia, Ph.D.
SpamCash inventor. Full-stack blockchain developer with 10 years experience in FinTech. He led 3 lifestyle solo ventures while completi..
Christian Rodriguez
Lead Engineer
Accomplished technical professional and entrepreneur with a wide array of skills. Certified as a full-stack software developer and proj..
Dan Jenkins
Sales/Marketing Advisor
Dan has guided us from the beginning and points us in the direction of opportunity. He brings 38 years of experience as a tech. exec. i..
Jason Civalleri, J.D., M.B.A.
Legal Advisor
Jason is a CIPP-US/CIPM-designated attorney at Horizons Law & Consulting. He co-founded 2 blockchain startups and is an adjunct pro..
Vijay Jain, MTech, C.S.E
Technical Development Advisor
Technical development advisor - He is an SDE 2 at A9, the company that develops the search and advertising algorithms for Amazon. He sp..
Peter J Gluck, J.D., M.I.P.
IP Strategy Advisor
Peter drafted IP for 3 major exits at TNDM ($120M), Mindframe/Cov. ($75M), and VMware/Integrien ($100M). He managed a fast successful t..
About the Team:
We are digital cash futurists & emerging experts in using refundable nanopayments to positively influence behavior. Founded in September 2019, our team is passionate about creating business models where Consumers can control and monetize their data. The founders and advisors have experience with building and scaling businesses from startups to publicly traded companies. The experience of our advisors ranges from Blockchain, Sales/Marketing, IP Strategy, and Algorithm Design. Together, we will build the nanopayments infrastructure that creates digital trust between strangers in all forms of cloud communications. Currently, we are engaged with lending platforms, telco service providers, & SMB social media platforms. Once our APIs are built out to serve external developers, we will be able to finalize these partnerships & begin taking in re . . . . .
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We reject all non-contacts calls that do not leave a cash deposit (reject means we send them to voicemail). They will still be able to leave you a voicemail. 50-70% of unknown calls are not answered, so people are used to leaving voicemails. Just remember, if the call is important, they will leave a voicemail.

People in every country can register their phone number and get paid to start rejecting spam calls.

Arabic, Chinese, English, Filipino, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Russian, Portuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish, Zulu.
Are we missing your language? Let us know.

Nano is a digital currency based on blockchain technology. It is designed to be fast, scalable, and has zero fees! Every account is assigned its own blockchain. To learn more, you can visit:

Think of your Nano account as a digital coin purse. When you sign up with your phone number, KarmaCall gives you a Nano account that is attached to your phone number. You can withdraw and spend any amount any time you want.
Every time you block a call, We deposit Nano into your Nano account. If a bad caller calls you and you hang up before 25 seconds, the Nano deposit of that caller goes into your Nano account. In KarmaCall, your Nano account is associated with your phone number. You can create external Nano accounts if you want to withdraw Nano from KarmaCall to an external Nano account that you own.

Currently, we do not have a deposit functionality in the app to allow users to add funds to their Nano account. However, we do have a faucet that allows you to receive a small amount of Nano to start using immediately for free!

A Nano faucet is just like a sink faucet, except it dispenses small amounts of digital currency, in our case Nano. Our faucet can be used once by each user. This can be done by navigating to the “Wallet” page in the app and clicking the “FAUCET = FREE $$$” button. Using our faucet will give you 0.0001 Nano.

When you're in the app, Just click our “FAUCET = FREE $$$” button on the “Wallet” page and you will instantly get Nano to use for free!

Please visit to see the different ways you can use your Nano. Within the KarmaCall app, the Nano you get from our Faucet will allow you to make 5 free outbound calls to receivers who do not have you (the caller) as a contact. This will give you the opportunity to try out more functionalities of KarmaCall.

If you want to transfer Nano out of KarmaCall and into another Nano account that you own, please visit this link to see wallet options for your phone or computer.

Check out this website to see more options. We are huge fans of NanoQuakeJS:

Yes, you are the product and our mission is to get you paid what you deserve.
Currently, you do not get paid for the data you give out every day. Instead, most companies make money by selling your attention to advertisers. We invented a way to force companies to pay you for your time in order to get your attention.
Our technology will be used to help businesses get in contact with real, honest customers like you. Businesses will pay you in order to keep you on the line or you can just hang up on them right away to collect their deposit! You can also just opt-out from these calls entirely. Either way, we want to give you the power to get paid for your data and time. Of course, a fraction of these payments will be kept by KarmaCall so we can continue to improve our technology for a world with meaningful communication. Our mission is to stop spam, get you paid for your data, and convince other companies that they should be paying you for your data too.

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RISK FACTORSGeneralThe Company will be taking advantage of temporary rules that relax some of the requirementsfor a crowdfund offering.In March 2020, the SEC passed a Temporary Final Rule intended to assist small businesses withcapital raising in the Regulation Crowdfunding market due to the COVID-19 pandemic andrelaxed or modified some rules for offerings initiated through February 28, 2021 (as extended inAugust 2020.). This offering is taking a . . . . .
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