Raised to date of the $1,070,000 goal.
Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $500

Smart Banking For The People.

Economic justice starts with economic freedom. Take that first step and invest in Paybby.

Paybby’s Wicket Banking app is the only banking app for the underserved communities that will recirculate money back to the community and enable peer-to-peer lending. -> No Hidden Fees. -> Get paid up to 2 days early with direct deposits. -> Get your IRS Refunds and Stimulus Checks 2 days faster. -> Free bank account. -> No minimum balance. It’s time to start banking smart and empower ourselves and our communities.

Offering at a Glance:
Media Coverage
The Team
CEO & Founder
Strategic adviser in technology, media, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and finance. Co-founder of Robin8, a social eCommerce. Form..
Chief Financial Officer
Jack has served as CFO of several companies including Predictive Trading Systems, Resolute Digital, and Cleveland BioLabs, Inc., (NASDA..
VP, Business Development
Norville is the Chairman of the Barringtons of Brooklyn, LLC. with holdings in bccelerator, Inc, TekAvenir Group, and BlaqueNet.com. In..
Chief Marketing Officer
Miranda was the CEO of Robin8, the leading influencer marketing platform in China. The company specializes in profiling, ranking and ma..
Serial technology entrepreneur experienced in Fintech, Social Data Analytics, Trading systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain ..
William is the co-founder of Strathcona Group, a management advisory firm working with organizations to improve financial and operation..
Community Lead
Devon is the founder and CEO of BleuLife Media Group including, Bleu Magazine, the aspirational lifestyle publication for multicultural..
CMO of Money 20/20, the world's leading, premium content, sales and networking platform for the global money ecosystem and CEO of Guppy..
A business and life strategy consultancy. Former co-founder of three award-winning PR and Marketing agencies, which represented 10 of t..
Estate of famed musician Thelonious Monk. Doug is an experienced senior communications executive and board member. He is also a managem..
Paula is an American journalist, writer, businessperson, executive, and a former NBCUniversal executive who is now CEO of a family inve..
Neil Brown
Neil is an entrepreneur and owner of Amsale, an award-winning fashion company. He is also a former Senior HBO Executive. Harvard J.D., MBA.
VP, Marketing
Tanyette is a senior internet marketing consultant at ReachLocal, a Gannett company and Google partner. She is also the founder of Embo..
About the Team:
Paybby’s team is comprised of a dynamic and robust group of professionals across a wide range of industries with a singular mission in mind: to revolutionize banking for the people. Wicket, by Paybby, is strategically positioned to deliver the most cutting-edge banking experience to those historic . . . . .
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Paybby was founded to support full access to the benefits of banking to the Black, Brown, and communities of color.

The focus of Paybby is on communities that have lower banking density and high parts of the population that lack trust in traditional banks.  This is most prevalent in the Black and Brown communities.

Paybby technology and products are being designed to increase access to bank accounts and other banking services in communities of color.  For example, bank account approvals can be lower among people that rent vs own because of government ID inconsistencies.  Paybby will work to improve KYC and increase approval rates.  Paybby marketing and financial management tools are targeted at the needs of communities of color.  We see this as different from other NeoBanks that cater to the broader market.

Paybby currently offers the Wicket mobile banking App that provides a deposit and savings account with intelligent financial management tools.  Users of Wicket can get paid up to 2 days early on direct deposits from employers and government pay.  Additionally, Paybby is a PPP loan marketing agent targeting small businesses to apply for a loan that is processed by SBA-approved lenders.

The current plan is to offer cross-border remittance services with an inexpensive and convenient way for immigrants to send money to their families.  A significant portion of communities of color has family in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Paybby will expand to a full range of banking services including business accounts, consumer loans, mortgage lending, and investment products such as cryptocurrency savings accounts.  Users of Paybby will get the smartest banking tools that will make financial management easy and fun.

The Black and Brown community is over 100 million people and the fastest-growing segment of the US population.  Paybby is a technology company driven by data analysis and artificial intelligence that will develop the best understanding of the community's needs.  By building trust with the community, the users will support company's products and services and provide feedback to keep Paybby in the lead.

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RISK FACTORS Risks Related to the Company’s Business and Industry We have a limited operating history upon which you can evaluate our performance, and accordingly, our prospects must be considered in light of the risks that any new company encounters. We were incorporated under the laws of Delaware on August 21, 2020. Accordingly, we have a limited history upon which an evaluation of our prospects and future performance can be ma . . . . .
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Data Room
Cheri L Draper
09-26-2021 11:07 AM
Can you email updates when we make money?
04-26-2021 1:16 PM
Hi Jack, I would love to invest and I'm okay with $20M valuation being a tech neo bank but not as a common stock holder. Many companies with larger valuation and revenue offer Preferred Equity through Crowd funding and I've invested in 100's of companies. Being in a seed stage for the risk you need to offer Preferred stocks and better terms.
jay lu
10-31-2021 1:05 PM
to get money back, just dispute the charge from your bank
Farshad Saeedi
08-30-2021 1:57 PM
This company does not return my money, how is it possible to return the capital ?!
Esi Rhett
04-07-2021 12:08 PM
Question: how did the company come up with $1.47 per share?
Farshad Saeedi
08-30-2021 1:59 PM
You can find out by reading this article https://twitter.com/Sharax/status/1432073424558559232
Jack Marhofer
04-07-2021 12:13 PM
Hi Esi, the share price was calculated using a $20M pre-money valuation and a $1.07M raise. The relative percentages give the number of shares. The $1.07M raise / the number of shares gives the share price. Our direct competitors have used valuations of $25M+ (MoCaFi, First Boulevard) for recent equity raises and Greenwood Bank was valued at $180M after their raise of $40M. Paybby feels that the valuation is competitive, especially given the fact that Paybby has the only LIVE digital banking app targeted at the Black and Brown communities! Let me know if there are any further questions.