Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $397.85

Offering at a Glance:
Products and Services
The Team
Patrick Horgan
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of the Board
-More than 30 years of experience in leadership, design, and manufacturing in the commercial, military, and General Aviation industries..
Brad Damm
Vice President, member of Board of Directors
-More than 20 years of experience in leading high-performing sales teams-Responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, and brand managem..
About the Team:
We have a team of more than 200 employees who are dedicated to their craft and have a long-standing with the company. Comprising comprehensive manufacturing facilities with a Production Certificate from the FAA, our team is organized by departments for Quality Assurance, Production, Material Control . . . . .
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General Aviation (GA) constitutes a broad scope of aircraft types and uses; among them is what is known as “backcountry” flying, and the associated Short Take Off and Landing (or STOL) capable breed of small aircraft. The diverse range of existing aircraft in operation is a result of both long-proven legacy technology, as well as the influence of new and emerging technologies.

Packaged kits of parts are delivered to customers to assemble and customize as they build their own aircraft in the E/A-B Amateur-Built Experimental Category. These kits offer the most customization and flexibility to customers, allowing them to maximize performance and mission-specific capabilities. Known as the most complete Cub type kit offered in the industry, each version has been found to meet FAA NKET majority rule evaluations.

A Builder-Assist, Experimental Amateur Built (E/A-B) category aircraft, with multiple engine and gross weight options. The assisted build process is spread over two visits to the company factory facilities, where customers participate in the manufacture of their own aircraft, meeting FAA majority rule requirements for the build.

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Risks & Disclosures
RISK FACTORSThe SEC requires the company to identify risks that are specific to its business and its financial condition. The company is still subject to all the same risks that all companies in its business, and all companies in the economy, are exposed to. These include risks relating to economic downturns, political and economic events and technological developments (such as COVID, supply chain issues, hacking and the ability to prevent h . . . . .
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Data Room
Efren Gomez
10-12-2023 6:19 AM
Totao Yigo
09-19-2023 9:35 AM
Hi Cub Crafters team, I am looking to invest however I have question, since your company has been around for more that 30years are you paying dividend to early investors ? what is you exit plan ?