Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $500.25

OTACA successfully raised over $725K in a recent Regulation Crowdfunding campaign.

OTACA Once Tried, Always Craved.

There is magic in creating the most wonderful spirit. It is a story of ancestry, determination, and, most of all, love. There is purity in tequila. It is a straightforward process, yet it remains somewhat mysterious. Generations of knowledge anchor it, passed down from father to son, hoping to produce magic in a bottle. OTACA is such a story. It is the journey of a group of entrepreneurs with love for agave, always producing the perfect expression for the passion and appreciation of Tequila and its culture.

Offering at a Glance:
Our Products
Our Team
Business Model
The Team
Anthony Accetta
Founder & CEO
Anthony Accetta is a relentless entrepreneur, after building an empire with a series of state of the art and very profitable car wash p..
Nicole Accetta
Co-Founder & COO
Nicole Accetta is a real estate developer and an artist. She has overseen and managed over 25 development projects, provided cost benef..
Nick Cucuk
Co-Founder & VP of Sales
Nick is a seasoned sales and marketing executive. He has been involved with many alcohol and spirit companies throughout the last 15 ye..
Jack Ambriz
Marketing and Design Executive
Jack is a savvy entrepreneur, creative director, and strategic advisor that has been responsible for creating brand images and strategy..
About the Team:
We have serial entrepreneurs, artists, and successful business professionals who all share a love for Tequila.Founders have retired from their previous careers to fully commit themselves to the development of the company and brand and give 100%. Our team and founders consist of foreigners,  . . . . .
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OTACA can be purchased across the state of California, we are carried by all the Total Wines, and many local liquor stores in your area. OTACA has secured partnerships with some liquor stores which enables the user to purchase OTACA online and have it delivered straight to your door. In Southern California OTACA can be found in many of your favorite restaurants, for more accurate information you can visit our website and plugin your zip code!

Plata is the only product available for purchase at the moment.

OTACA is a true artisanal, premium-sipping tequila, recommended to be served on the rocks with an orange twist. It is an elegant spirit meant to be enjoyed on any occasion. It is also the only tequila to have a square top, inspired by the pyramids built by the mesoamerica civilizations. A true homage to the culture where tequila was born from.

Its distinct approach to sophistication, tequila has always been seen as a party drink by many, taken by the shot followed by salt and lime, OTACA is meant to awaken the senses of the human palate - enjoyed thoroughly, and with ease.

OTACAs overall strategy is to grow the brand globally. We plan to do this by adopting a large percentage of TAM (total addressable market) and aim to be acquired by parent companies such as LVMH, DIAGIO, PERNAD RICHARD, etc.

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Buying Securities involves a high degree of risk.  In addition to the negative implications of all information and financial data included in or referred to directly in this Form C, potential investors should consider the following Risk Factors before making an investment in the Securities.  This Form C contains forward-looking statements and information concerning OTACA, its plans, and other future events.  These statements should . . . . .
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Otaca Form C

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Otaca Form C-A 10/24/2022

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Otaca Launches in Costco!

Sep 21, 2022
OTACA tequila is thrilled to announce that we are now in Costco’s in Southern California. We are placed on shelves in San Diego County and..