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Minimum Investment: $500.00

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Markus Kypreos
Owner & President
Markus Kypreos is the sole owner, President, and has built the distillery from the ground up. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Tex..
Ezra Cox
Master Distiller
Ezra Cox is the Master Distiller at Blackland. He has twenty-five years experience as a brewer/distiller and has previously served as t..
Hannah Lacamp
Director of Marketing & Social
Hannah Lacamp is the Director of Marketing & Social Media at Blackland. A graduate of Baylor and a Fort Worth native, Hannah worked..

To grow, scale, and acquire market share as an ultra-craft brand with a diversified line-up of spirits.  As the consumer becomes more educated and sophisticated, we are focused on providing high-quality spirits for said consumers while maintaining our authenticity and overall brand story as a grain-to-glass distillery focused on producing spirits the right way using the best ingredients and technology for the betterment of the final product.  

We are already distributed in the United Kingdom and will always look for the best opportunities for distribution and overall growth of the brand whether that be in the United States or elsewhere. 

Again, the diversification of spirits in an ever-changing spirits world, our overall emphasis on quality and standards, our uniqueness of products like the Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon, our award-winning packaging which differentiates us from all bottles on the shelf and the spirits themselves which are soft, special and more sophisticated than the mediocre, celebrity-laden alcohol brands on the shelves today. 

We have six core SKUS–Blackland Vodka, Blackland Gin, Blackland Rye Whiskey, Blackland Bourbon Whiskey, Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon, and Blackland Prairie Gold, our Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  We also produce barrel-aged gin, which is popular in craft bars, and we offer a 100-proof version of our Blackland Bourbon Whiskey and Blackland Rye Whiskey (both standard versions are 83 proof).  Finally, we offer a 50ml gift pack of the Blackland Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Rye, and Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon. 

 We plan to release a “Texpresso Whiskey” in 2024 which shall consist of bourbon, pecan, brown sugar, vanilla, and espresso.  We also plan to release our Triticale Whiskey in the Fall of 2024, which is a 100% triticale grain whiskey.  Finally, we will release our Straight Rye Whiskey in 2025.   

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Risks Related to the Company’s Business and Industry The development and commercialization of our spirits is highly competitive.We face competition with respect to any products that we may seek to develop or commercialize in the future. Our competitors include major companies worldwide. Many of our competitors have significantly greater financial, technical and human resources than we have and superior expertise in research and development . . . . .
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