Investment Type: Regulation CF
Minimum Investment: $250.00

TD Smart's mission is to democratize real estate investment, providing non-accredited investor and accredited investor alike an accessible entry point into a transparent, fee-free platform. Our goal is to leverage our expertise, extensive network, and streamlined processes to build a robust, diversified portfolio leading toward a future IPO.

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The Team
Taylor Timario
Taylor Timario is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of TD Smart. As a visionary leader, Taylor has harnessed innovati..
Jennifer Timario
Director of Business Development
Jennifer Timario is the Director of Business Development of TD Smart. She is the driving force behind our company's growth and strategi..
Mason Timario
Social Media Campaign Manager
Mason Timario is the Social Media Campaign Manager of TD Smart, his primary role is to strategize, create, and execute digital marketin..
Devan Timario
Community Manager
Devan Timario is the Community Manager of TD Smart. Devan oversees social media platforms, engages with the online community, creates c..
About the Team:
Team Overview: TD Smart boasts a dynamic and accomplished team at the helm, bringing together seasoned professionals from various industries:Real Estate Experts: Our team includes individuals with extensive experience in the real estate sector, ensuring a deep understanding of market dynamics and in . . . . .
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Our strategy is to leverage crowdfunding to rapidly acquire properties and  expand our portfolio. We'll focus on both residential and commercial real  estate, targeting undervalued properties with potential for renovation or development. Additionally, we'll offer private lending opportunities to  generate additional revenue streams. Examples include acquiring  distressed properties for renovation in high-demand areas and providing  short-term loans to developers for new projects with attractive returns. In addition to flipping properties for quick returns, we'll strategically acquire  rental properties to generate steady income streams. This will involve  targeting rental properties in stable markets with strong demand, such as  urban areas or university towns. By holding these properties long-term, we  aim to build a reliable source of passive income to support our growth and  diversify our portfolio.

Our international scaling plan involves strategic market research, local  partnerships, and technology utilization to enter promising regions  efficiently, starting with key global cities and expanding based on cities with  strong economic growth, stable real estate markets, favorable regulatory  environments, and high demand for both rental properties and real estate  investments. Additionally, factors such as infrastructure development,  population growth, and cultural appeal are key considerations in our  selection process.

Our company's strengths lie in our expertise in real estate investment, agile  decision-making, innovative use of technology, and ability to adapt to  market trends. Additionally, our transparent communication, strong investor  relations, and commitment to delivering value will foster trust and attract  further investment. By continuously refining our strategies, leveraging data-

driven insights, and staying responsive to market dynamics, we're poised  for sustainable growth.

Our company offers various investment opportunities in real estate, including: 

  1. Equity Crowdfunding: Investors can participate in crowdfunding  campaigns to fund the acquisition and development of real estate  properties. 
  2. Private Lending: Investors can provide loans to real estate developers  for new projects, earning interest on their investments.
  3. Property Flipping: Investors can participate in renovating and reselling  properties for quick returns.
  4. Rental Properties: Investors can acquire and hold rental properties to  generate steady income through rent payments.
  5. These diverse products cater to different investor preferences and risk  profiles, providing opportunities for both short-term gains and long term income.
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RISK FACTORSRisks Related to the Company’s Business and IndustryWe have limited operating history upon which you can evaluate our performance, and accordingly, our prospects must be considered in light of the risks that any new company encounters.We were originally formed as a limited liability company under the laws of California on November 23, 2022. Accordingly, we have no history upon which an evaluation of our prospects and future performa . . . . .
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