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Breakthrough Technology in Semiconductor Industry Manufacturing

Offering at a Glance:
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The Team
Ty (Tae Young) Lee
Founder, President & Chairman of The Board
CEO, Vesta Technology(Subsidiary IPS), San Jose, CA VP, Global Operation, Sales & Marketing, C/S & Manufacturing at Wonik IPS T..
Winston (Wan Soo), Ra
VP, Sales & Marketing
Executive Director, Swieco (Agency of Semiconductor tool & materials (Watkins-Jhonson, Kayex, Ashland chemicals, etc.), Senior Dire..
Lisa (Sang Ah), Lee
Corporate Secretary & Board
Certified Loan Officer, KEB Hana Bank Investment and Corporate Banking Business Manager, Korea Exchange Bank Assistant Manager, U.S. Em..
Agnes (Yea Ok), Kim
Corporate Treasure & Board
Senior Accounting & General Admin, Business Operation of Crown Hotel, Seoul,Korea Accounting Manager, Vesta Technology B.S. Economi..
YT (Youn Tak) Park
CEO, PSP Korea (mechanic service & technical subsidiary of ASML) VP, Global Customer Support, ASML Managing Director, Applied Ma..
About the Team:
TFIS has consistently maintained its core management team and expanded the technology advisory, and technical specialists from major device makers in the global market with over 25 years of developing, manufacturing and customer support. The business plan is based on conservative estimates that refl . . . . .
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TFI has created a functional Demo Prototype for clients to help develop their specific requirements that will be in the Global HQ and Demo Sales Lab in Irvine California this year. TFI already has interested Device Makers, manufacturers in several countries awaiting this game changing opportunity.

TFI  provides Cu barrier & seed equipment at the beginning. Currently the Cu Barrier, Cu Seed and Cu Fill are separated processes by each tool, respectively. TFI is working to provide an "All-in-One System" equipment breakthrough for the market. 
Currently PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition, sputtering) is the way for over 30 years to deposit for metallization on a device but it has a technical limitations to try to meet the required process performance for TSV devices, since PVD was developed to conformal deposition on flat surfaces not TSV structure --which is smaller diameter & deep through a hole of silicon wafer.
However, PVD wants to extend their viability  time through new technology like TFI's Wet Metal Deposition Process that are fully developed and confirmed. If customers  prove TFI process capability through their own device wafer demonstration, they will adopt TFI wet metal deposition process and replace their old PVD tools eventually. They cannot remain competitive in the current dry process with its limitations.
TFI runs wafer level demos to confirm process & productivity for the USA,Korean and European customers and has been requested for an LED device manufacturer from China. Major customers want an on-site demonstration of the tool to apply for their production needs through a JDP (Joint Development Program). That's the business method that device makers  adopt a new process & equipment. 

Two manufacturing sites:  R&D/demo lab to be operated in California for USA & European customers and one for South Korea for the Asian market.

It's going to take about 10 ~ 12 weeks from the  investment fund raising goal reached in USA.

TFI's process uses chemicals fully proven for safety, and being non-toxic-- and can be diluted 100% without residue, dust, sludge deposits, air contamination, etc. The State of California has already had discussions and reviews on fast tracking permits and licenses for TFI.

TFI has created a functional Demo Prototype for clients to help develop their specific requirements that will be in the Global HQ and Demo Sales Lab in Irvine Calif this year.  TFI already has interested Device Makers, manufacturers in several countries ( USA, S. Korea,China,Germany) awaiting this game changing opportunity
Electro, Non-Electro deposit metal conduct interconnection in the device, chip, by clean, no-toxic wet chemical sources to compare to conventional deposition method by dry gas, solid material sources (PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition, CVD - Chemical Vapor Deposition etc.,) 

Stack Vertically semiconductor devices(Memory, System IC, CPU, GPU..) to increase capacity on limited space 

New technology to interconnect device to device, chip to chip through vertical hole filled by Conductor (Cu:Copper) for semiconductors, display products.

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Risks & Disclosures
RISK FACTORS General The Company will be taking advantage of temporary rules that relax some of the requirements for a crowdfund offering.In March 2020, the SEC passed a Temporary Final Rule intended to assist small businesses with capital raising in the Regulation Crowdfunding market due to the COVID-19 pandemic and relaxed or modified some rules for offerings initiated through February 28, 2021 (As extended in August 2020.). This . . . . .
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TFI Advanced Chips Update!

Sep 17, 2021
TFI Advanced Chips UpdateWelcome to our new TFIS USA Bulletins!  This commemorates our progress on going live with our Title3Funds..

August Investor Update

Aug 31, 2021
August Investor Update!
Tae Young Lee
04-15-2021 7:29 PM
Note : the first of substantial investments in captured and they should act/invest ASAP.
Leonardo Lee
04-08-2021 4:24 PM
Hi again. I'm still waiting for an answer to my previous post but it's been another 4 days and no new investments were made. I like the product but it doesn't look like you'll raise enough here. I really suggest you close this campaign here and try on WeFunder or Start Engine, I believe sure you'd raise the max in no time...
Leonardo Lee
04-11-2021 4:21 PM
Ah, that's why. Maybe this offering shouldn't appear while in private mode or at least there should be a mention of it so that potential investors like me don't get turned down by assuming there's a lack of traction here. Anyway, I'll be checkinh to see when it's open to the public. Thanks.
Tae Young Lee
04-08-2021 11:57 PM
Mr. Lee - Thank you for your inquiry. Our offering is in private mode on Title3Funds at this time. We have several seed investors at significant dollar amounts that will be making their investments into our campaign in the coming days. At that time we will promote our offering to the general public and we are confident it will be funded.
Leonardo Lee
04-04-2021 12:55 PM
Hi. It seems that there's no momentum in this campaign, you've been stuck at $1,000 for a few days now.. What's the minimum amount you need to raise in order to sustain your progress? You have an interesting product and I think you'd have much more success raising with a more established and popular platform....
lyle notice
03-21-2021 8:08 PM
When does this campaign end ?
Tae Young Lee
03-24-2021 8:01 AM
Hi Lyle, TFI's campaign ends on February 24, 2022.
Tae Young Lee
03-24-2021 4:41 AM
The deadline to reach target offering amount is Frb 24th 2022 or the day to meet target amount.